Orchestra is the product of a vision between like-minded practitioners in the art of people development who saw the struggle that many organizations and individuals face throughout the challenge of how to structure and implement effective systems of people “development”.

Oftentimes trainings are attended, content is purchased, and systems used, yet there still remains a gap in how people can clearly grow and develop across the universe of skills. Orchestra seeks to solve this problem through an intuitive, visual framework built on the principles of Clarity, Transparency, Accountability, and Empathy.

Clarity is the process of defining core values, soft skills, and job duties as specific areas of focus. This creates a shared understanding that allow for team members to speak a common language around expectations and aspirations.

Transparency is a powerful tool that creates a sense of awareness across teams and organizations. It makes the “unknown” become “known” and allows for ease of access and reference throughout all types of working interactions.

These lead to Accountability, a powerful antidote to the status quo. In Orchestra, Accountability is driven by a proven framework of achievement – setting distinct, time-bound skill development objectives that are visible to everyone in the organization.

Empathy is the foundational element in the system of people development. Many other tools have been implemented across a multitude of platforms, however, “performance management” as people know it has oftentimes proven to be cold, distant, and unproductive. By practicing a mindset of Empathy, teams can truly harness their productive potential by seeing each other as unique individuals on the journey of improvement.

Our goal is to offer a system for every organization and leader to foster and develop untapped skills. We specialize in the use of visualization to harness elements of an organization – across departments, teams, and individual backgrounds – and bring them together to function at their collective best.

We look forward to learning with you.