Use Cases

Skills Management & Development

(Organization, Team, Employee)
Define skills, track development, and maintain training records, including those required for compliance with external certifying bodies

Skill-Driven Learning Management System

Clarify and simplify practical and effective steps that help your team improve. Maximize human capital and enable your team to accomplish their upskilling & cross-skilling goals

Team Development

Transform rigid “Performance Management” into a collaborative and engaging process to identify strengths, weaknesses, and other skills for team-wide improvement

Employee Engagement

Individual personal development

Career Path Development

Craft a SkillPath to evaluate skills in the context of other Roles

Learning Plan

Develop tailored plans to prompt action, track progress, and succeed in completion



(Organization, Team, Employee)
More team members with the right skills leading to improved organization performance


Enhanced focus on the most important activities and skills


Allows for cross-functional awareness of team development and progress while creating accountability to individual and team goals


Sets measurable objectives for teams and individuals


Create development plans to identify skills necessary for ongoing business growth


Enables employees to think ahead and identify where development is needed and valued


Provides a system for employee autonomy to learn and develop skills that are mutually beneficial