Set Expectations & Define Target Skills

Define the values, soft skills, and job duties for each role in your Customer Service team so every team member is on the same page about which objectives they are individually and collectively working towards. Our own research found that while many companies have Customer Service as a core value, few take a systematized approach to teaching their employees what concrete actions they ought to be taking in order for the organization as a whole to realize this value.

Empower your people to put their customers first.

Develop your customer service team to improve satisfaction and retention.

Create Development Plans

Create customizable development plans for each of your Customer Service professionals that allow you to prioritize skill objectives based on each individual’s competency level. Each of your employees has different strengths and weaknesses, so why should they have one uniform Customer Service development plan? Orchestra helps you identify each individual’s strengths and weaknesses and prioritizes development in the areas that he or she can add the most value.

Establish Accountability

Set measurable objectives for teams and individuals so you know exactly what you’re getting out of your Customer Service training program. The clear visibility of Orchestra’s competency matrix allows your leadership to make direct connections between how their teams are performing in the system and how they are performing during customer interactions.

Drive the bottom line by investing in the development of your front line customer service workers.