Set Expectations & Define Target Skills

Define the values, soft skills, and job duties for each role in your Human Resources team so every team member is on the same page about which objectives they are individually and collectively working towards. The digitalization of Human Resources processes has already created a measurable skill gap between those who are familiar with the new technology and those who aren’t. The key to closing skill gaps and building new talent lies in defining which skills are the most valuable to your department and your organization.

Implement a system for developing skilled HR professionals.

Build a strong HR organization by investing directly in people development.

Create Development Plans

Create customizable development plans for each of your Human Resources professionals that allow you to prioritize skill objectives based on each individual’s competency level. Research suggest that 46% of HR Managers believe that their employees lack the skills that are necessary to drive future performance. Orchestra’s individualized Skill Plans allow managers to build the strongest HR teams by ensuring each individual is performing at his or her best.

Establish Accountability

Set measurable objectives for teams and individuals so you know exactly what you’re getting out of your Human Resources training program. Our research found that most Human Resources organizations determine the success of a training program based on superficial metrics, such as hours of training consumed. Orchestra’s competency-based model judges an individual’s progress based on how well he or she actually performs the duty, not whether or not he or she watched a video on it.

Equip your team with the necessary skills to tackle new HR challenges and ensure future success.