Set Expectations & Define Target Skills

Define the values, soft skills, and job duties for each role in your Sales team so every team member is on the same page about which objectives they are individually and collectively working towards. The majority of sales organizations use generic sales training material for every role, with little to no specific tailoring to the individual needs of each role. Your Sales Associate and your Account Manager do very different things, so why are they doing the same training? Orchestra allows you to define skills, sub-skills, and micro-skills for each individual role, because each role is unique.

Craft a team of skilled sales professionals.

Develop your sales team and drive more revenue.

Create Development Plans

Create customizable development plans for each of your Sales professionals that allow you to prioritize skill objectives based on each individual’s competency level. In the status quo, most Sales organizations utilize some sort of one-time training or certification program in which employees may absorb some information passively over a short period of time, but most of it is forgotten after a few weeks on the job. Orchestra’s customizable development plans allow managers to target the skills that each individual needs to improve on so their teams don’t get bogged down with useless training they’ll forget.

Establish Accountability

Set measurable objectives for teams and individuals so you know exactly what you’re getting out of your Sales training program. According to research put out by the Harvard Business Review, U.S. companies spend more than $70 billion annually on sales training programs, but few have a systematized way to measure their efficacy. Orchestra tracks efficacy in the only logical way: by measuring competency based on an individual’s ability to perform the job duty.

Uncover the true potential of your sales team and develop untapped skills.