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How do I get my remote teams to communicate effectively?

As the number of coronavirus cases across the country surged, more and more companies began to close their brick-and-mortar offices and send their workers to work from home. For many, the transition to remote work came quickly with little time to prepare. Working with a remote team is fundamentally different from working with an in-person […]

Top 5 ERP Implementation Challenges (and how to avoid them)

An ERP system has the potential to provide immense value to an organization by synchronizing and configuring all of its business processes. If implemented properly, it can give an enterprise a significant competitive advantage by saving time and reducing resources. Nevertheless, implementing a new ERP system comes with a slew of challenges. The good news […]

How Covid-19 is Changing Customer Service

The Covid-19 pandemic is affecting every aspect of doing business. Though many business sectors are facing unprecedented challenges, Customer Service has been one of the hardest-hit. They way in which a company responds to these new challenges will directly affect sales and customer retention rates. Particularly during times of crisis, a customer’s interaction with a […]

Closing the Manufacturing Skills Gap

As the manufacturing started to become more integrated with advanced technologies and automation, many onlookers predicted that there would be less of a need for skilled workers. In reality, this prediction could not have been further from the truth, as the digital transformation has actually amplified the need for skilled human workers. Just in the […]